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“Vipul is a fantastic podcast host. He really brings the best out of me. I have done a lot of podcasts and his is definitely one of the most enjoyable. This may sound, egotistical, but I was excited to have learned more about myself through his questions!”

Robert Richman , Digital Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert & Business Coach

“Vipul is a super energetic and super positive guy and I’ve got so much love for him. Through the style of his questions he is able to draw out deep and insightful perspectives and topics, which creates amazing content. I had a blast!”

Philip Andrew, Producer, Speaker & Media Coach

“Vipul’s questions are purposeful, intentional, and thoughtful. I’ve love listening to this podcast, and it’s one that I will listen to for a long time to come. His content is always insightful and engaging! Two thumbs up for the Know Your Legacy podcast! It’s created significant impact in my life!”

Jordon Montgomery , Keynote Speaker & Performance Coach

“Vipul has a true talent for asking thoughtful questions that make guests feel comfortable as well as extracts true storytelling gold from each person he interviews. It was one of my favorite recordings of all time, and better yet, I got a lifelong friend out of it. Thank you Vipul for sharing my story”

Sania Khiljee , Digital Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert & Business Coach

“I’m grateful Vipul invited me to be a guest on his podcast! I often feel people don’t talk about the journey of entrepreneurship enough, nor the changes one goes through mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Vipul’s questions were very thoughtful, insightful and intentional, and in doing so, we were able to talk about all of those things. This podcast is already growing into something extraordinary.”

Matt Gottesman , Digital Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert & Business Coach

Some of the lives impacted so far…

“This podcast shifted my perspective so much! Today we only view success as the finished product but forget that all the legends and giants had humble beginnings as well. This validated to me that I am a legend TODAY and it just may take a couple of years for the entire world to catch up and recognize it”

Christopher Coleman, Founder Of Health Is Wealth Nation

“Know Your Legacy is a genuinely thought-provoking podcast that makes one push outside the boundaries that they confine themselves in, to inspire them to change their mentality to achieve their goals and create a mindset to never give up and to keep pushing forward. The different interviews give a unique outlook on subjects that one might not have thought of initially. Various perspectives can transition into how we shape our mindset to follow the paths that we aspire to lead daily. Know Your Legacy isn’t just any ordinary motivational podcast. It’s life-changing!”

Ria Shah, Blogger At Masala Motivation